How to do your payment:

We accept credit car: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB.

We can also send you an invoice if you are booking your trip in advance.norsk flagg

At the moment we don’t have online booking, you have to book your trip by email or phone.

Please see the conditions for further information.

When is the best time to visit us for the NorthernLight:
The Aurora can be seen from the start of september to the end of March. In the autumn (September to October) you can go hiking and enjoy the quiet season in the mountains of Narvik. This is also a good time for visitors who prefer warmer temperatures or if you want to take pictures of auroras reflecting in open water. If you want to enjoy fall colors you should visit in late August or September.

December and January are the darkest and coldest months. This is the perfect time to enjoy the polar night, and the abundance of darkness gives you more opportunity to photograph the auroras than any other time of the year.

Book your trip early to ensure your place, as December anf January tends to be one of the most popular months of the entire season.


What sort of equipment should you bring:
It is very common to work in an average temperature of -10 and -15 degrees Celsius and very possible to encounter temperatures as low as -25. Warm clothes are a must!
For safety reasons, and to ensure that you get the most out of your visit it is very important that you bring the following items:

  • Winter Jacket. A heavy down jacket with a hood is highly recommended.
    • Snow pants. Water resistant or water proof.
    • Warm hat. A warm hat that will cover as much of your head and face as possible.
    • Gloves. One heavy pair of outer gloves and a smaller pair of liner gloves to keep on while adjusting your camera equipment.
    • Warm Socks. It is recommended that you wear one pair of heavy wool socks with a thinner pair of wool socks underneath. Battery powered electric socks are not recommended as the batteries will fail in the extremely cold conditions present above the arctic circle.
    • Warm insulated winter boots.
    • If you wear eyeglasses it is suggested that you treat them with an anti-fog solution before the start of your trip.

You are responsible for providing all winter clothing. However, one piece Arctic overalls, hats, gloves and warm insulated boots are available for rental for free.


What is an arctic overall?
Our warm overalls are designed to be worn over your warm clothing as a one piece outer layer.


What sort of camera equipment should you bring:
• Digital SLR. Pocket cameras, even high end models will not provide high quality results.
• Fast wide angle lens. A minimum aperture of f3.5 will work but f2.8 or faster is recommended. An 18mm lens is a good minimum starting point.
• Stable tripod. Inexpensive low quality tripods will fail under the extremely cold conditions present above the Arctic Circle. We have tripods for rent.
• Wireless remote control devices are recommended. Cable releases become hard and brittle in the extremely cold conditions.
• Extra batteries for ALL equipment. Expect your batteries to function approximately one third as long as they would under normal conditions.
• Headlamp with the option of a red beam to ensure that the group is able to maintain their night vision while adjusting equipment. We will provide you with a headlamp if you need one.


How do you travell to Narvik
Most of our guests fly into Oslo/Gardermoen International Airport from their home country. From Gardermoen you can catch a quick domestic flight to Evenes. Once you arrive in Evenes, Narvik is a one hour and 20 minute journey by bus transfer also known as the flightbus. The drive from Evenes to Narvik is incredibly beautiful with its fjords and mountain. And it is not uncommon to see different wildlife along the way.

Many people also travel by train to Narvik from Sweden.

Flights, Gardemoen-Evenes: