Njalasouka Sledetur

Join us on a hunt for the Northern Lights in magic surroundings!

Magical Northernlights Hunting with Njalasouka Adventures

Join the hunt for the Northern Lights in the mountains of Narvik.

One of the best places to take great pictures of the Northern Lights in the Narvik region, is perhaps close to the Njalasouka Lavvu in the mountains of Narvik.

A sleigh ride to the Njalasouka Lavvu high up in the mountains where there are no artificial light, only an amazing mountain landscape which gives a dramatic effect to your Aurora Borealis pictures.

Take the trip and enjoy a comfortable sleigh ride, while the snowmobile is taking you high up

in the mountains, in an exciting landscape filled with contrasts.

You will now get the opportunity to lie outside on reindeer pelts while watching the starry

sky. While waiting for the Northern Lights you might see a shooting star, and you will get to

feel and experience the total silence that only free nature can give you.

The Polar Night in the Arctic areas is magic in its own way, but the Northern Lights can be

unpredictable and you could wait for hours for it to appear. Thus – a cup of coffee and a warm

snack around the bonfire in the lavvu will be extra tasty.

We cannot guarantee Aurora Borealis, but we can guarantee an unforgettable experience with

Njalasouka Adventures!


Practical information:

Number of participants: 2 – 14 pax. Bigger groups on request.

Contact us: / Phone: +47 95033833



Daytime reindeer experience with Njalasouka Adventures

Visit our Sami Siida and have an amazing time with us in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Meet some of our reindeers and find out about the Sami people, the indigenous people of Norway.

Help us feed the reindeers and learn about these beautiful animals. We also invite you to our warm and cosy sami lavvu, where you can sit around the crackling bonfire with a hot cup of coffee. You will get the chance to barbeque a delicious reindeer sausage while sitting by the fire and let us teach you about our sami way of life and introduce you to some old sami handicraft.


Practical information:

Number of participants: 2 – 40 pax.

Contact us: / Phone: +47 95033833