1. norsk flagg Booking.
    The booking covers the services agreed between the operator (Njalasouka Adventures AS) and the buyer/traveler/customer (you). Any subsequent deviation or findings shall be confirmed in writing by the operator.
  2. Payment.

For bookings of more than NOK 5000,-, the buyer will be asked for a deposit of NOK 2000,-. When the deposit is paid, the guest is bound by the booking. The buyer accepts the order at booking time. The operator is bound by the booking 1 week after the deposit is received. The rest amount shall be paid no later than 20 days before departure date. For bookings made later than 20 days before departure date, the whole amount for the trip will be charged. Please note that the operator reserves the right to adjust the price according to currency fluctuations. Default of payment is considered an annulment, and the capacity can be sold without any notification.

The operator cannot be held responsible for delays/cancellations or expenses caused by accidents, injury or theft. By unforeseen events or “force majeure” it may be necessary to change the program by re-organizing the itinerary, change the means of transportation etc. The operator cannot be held responsible for injuries or illness the buyer may incur during or after the trip, nor for damaged or lost luggage or valuables, but will provide the help that is possible in such circumstances.


  1. Travel/medical insurance and cancellation protection.

The traveler must provide for travel/medical insurance and cancellation protection. The cancellation protection is often included in the travel insurance. The cancellation protection must apply from when the booking is made.
A deficient is considered if the customer does not get what is described as included in the package. The following is not considered as deficient: flight delays, absence of Aurora Borealis, nature disasters, labor disputes, electricity failures, and similar conditions that the operator has no control of (Force Majeure)

  1. Subject to changes and errors in the description.

The operator reserves the right to change prices with subject to currency exchange changes, or make travel time changes after the booking is confirmed. Misprints or errors, or that the program can be conducted in reverse order or other variations that do not alter the tour program must also be taken into consideration.

  1. Disputes and complaints

If a dispute occurs between the operator and the buyer that remains unresolved, the buyer can take the case to Forbrukerrådet within 2 weeks after the reply from the operator is received, and where the operator has informed the buyer of the deadline. Complaints regarding a deficient about food etc must immediately be reported to the operator.